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Cordials are amongst the oldest spirits in the world, and obtained by mixing or redistilling distilled spirits with or over fruits, plants, pure juices, or other natural flavoring materials. The reason DeKuyper® cordials are so good is that we’ve been making them as a labor of love for over 300 years. In fact, the word cordial derives from the Medieval Latin cordiālis, meaning of or for the heart. At DeKuyper® we know that many of life's moments – from big milestones to smaller feats – are worthy of a cocktail. What’s your reason to celebrate?

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Evidence of early liqueurs predates the first millennium, but it wasn’t until 1510 that Benedictine monks created the first cordial. In the 1600s, the Dutch began commercializing cordial production and in 1695, a Dutchman named Petrus DeKuyper founded the family company that defines the American cordial market today. The invention of the column still in the early 19th century enabled the production of a nearly neutral spirit, the base of most modern cordials and liqueurs. In 1933 DeKuyper® entered the US market and quickly rose to become the leader. Now, with 11th generation patriarch Bob DeKuyper at the head, our brand offers a wide variety of taste combinations and “one pour” solutions for professionals and home bartenders around the globe.

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