Canadian Club®

Without a doubt, Canadian Club® is a flagship whisky, the one that started the legend and has been around since 1858. It’s aged longer than the three years required by Canadian law in oak barrels before bottling for the smoothest possible flavor. Easy drinking whisky, or as we call it, “easy drinking auburn magic,” is perfect for consumers who are starting their whisky journey.

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Canadian Club®

To be called a Rye, a whisky need only have 51% rye in the mash. To be called Canadian Club® 100% Rye, the whisky must be 100% single-grain rye. Combining this traditionally spicy grain with the Master Blender’s artful selection of liquid from three different types of barrels allows for the perfect balance between rye flavor and the signature smoothness delivered by Canadian Club®.

More than anything, Canadian Club® 100% Rye is a throwback. It’s a nod to what used to define the Canadian Whisky category and it is a tribute to what makes it so special today.


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Canadian Club
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