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The extra aging, longer than nearly every other small batch offering, allows our bourbon to absorb more of the sugar from the wood, giving it a richer taste. And treating our American white oak barrels with the highest char level brings out even more distinctive flavor qualities during the aging process. When it's all done, we take our original Knob Creek Bourbon from barrel to bottle at an honest 100 proof, and our Single Barrel Reserve at 120 proof, just like it was done before prohibition.

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Shortly before Prohibition, bourbon reached an all-time level of quality. But in January of 1919, the eighteenth amendment was passed and took the boom out of bourbon growth.

Fourteen years later, many distilleries were unable to restart production. The ones that did were financially forced to age their whiskey for shorter periods of time or to resourcefully blend their different whiskies. As a result, Americans developed a taste for softer whiskies, rather than the long-aged, big-flavored straight bourbons of the past. This is what motivated Booker Noe. He didn’t want just another "run of the mill" new bourbon. He wanted real bourbon back.

When Booker fathered the small batch movement over two decades ago, he created Knob Creek® to restore the standards of pre-prohibition bourbon. The result is an undeniably big, full flavor that strikes your senses with a maple sugar aroma and distinctive sweetness.


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From the oak to the bottle.
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